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I quietly start to analyse. I study. I take responsibilities and I am in charge of them. I motivate others to take action. I concentrate all my energy to achieve the result.


Everyone has his goals, wishes and limitations… I accept these differences. I develop my imagination and creativity. I am open to everything new.


I prefer to plan and to take decisions and not to follow. I choose the action after the analysis and not the impulse
I keep the balance, motivation and productivity.

Team spirit

To create team spirit means first of all to be demanding of yourself: I can’t expect from others something that I don’t do myself. It means to be demanding of others: I help others to be the best that they are capable of being. Finally, team spirit means to consider the clients and suppliers as a part of your team, as well as the leaders, colleagues and employees.


I am free in my decisions and expressions in frame of the set up rules.

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