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Onboarding – instruction of a new manager during the first 100 days in a new position providing coaching. This coaching permits a new manager to:

  1. adapt more quickly to the new conditions of work
  2. realize clearly the tasks and targets of the new position, to find the most efficient ways to solve the tasks and to achieve the goals.
  3. discover and to fully realize his potential in his work
  4. consider alternatives in his decision making
  5.  In a short period of time to perform  with maximum effectiveness


Executive coaching - is one to one support to the manager to enable him to achieve his goals effectively and efficiently. Coaching gives the manager the opportunity:

  1. To significantly increase his own effectiveness
  2. To develop his leadership qualities
  3. To improve the quality of his management skills
  4. To realize clearly his tasks and targets
  5. To find the most efficient ways to solve problems and to achieve his goals


Team coaching – is support  to the management team to enable them to  achieve a common goal. Team coaching helps to:

  1. optimize team work
  2. coordinate relations within the team
  3. organize effective team work
  4. discover fully the potential of each member of the team in the interest of the business
  5. achieve the fixed goals with  minimum effort and in the shortest time.

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